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Dear Friends, Family, Associates and Visitors,

It is a strange journey that begins with a small nagging idea that begins to grow into a story.  In early 2000, such an idea began to take hold in my mind.  It took nearly four years for me to turn that idea into a story I thought would be an interesting read.  It took nearly another eight years for me to have the courage to publish the novel for others, possiby strangers to read.  I mean, "Who was I? What would make me think I could be an author?" 

Finally, something stronger than fear motivated me to publish the book.  Another election and another divide on the issue of reproductive rights.  I am afraid to allow history to repeat itself. 

Overturned! is not a story that takes a side in the abortion debate.  It is a realistic depiction of a potential future world where abortion is illegal.  Have we really considered all the issues we would face?  Would we really eliminate abortion?  Would we actually protect the unborn?   Or, would we return to a time in the not so distant past where women and their unborn suffered terrible deaths. 

I wrote the book to include real people, true stories as told to me by other generations, along with conspiracy and political controversy which is the reality of the current day.  It's my hope that you enjoy an interesting read that sparks your own thoughts and potential solutions to positively impact the future.

In any event, I thank you for your visit and if you do read Overturned! I hope you enjoy it as it was quite the journey.

All my love,